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Achieving more together!


These topics are essential for our way in developing projects together with our partners. We enjoy working together with people who like to change their surrounding in a positive direction.


We feel a big social and ecological responsibility- thats why our work focuses beside aspects in aesthetics in the ecological sustainability of our buildings. We combine contemporary design with state-of-the art  building methods and so try to save resources.


It is a state of the art construction and design system for climbing gyms where the building converts into a climbable sculpture.

It provides new possibilities in wall shaping and furthermore is cheaper and eco-friendlier than conventional climbing gyms.

In our office we focus on creating advanced climbing gyms and pushing the limits in terms of design and structure.

That's why we are very happy to present our brand-new development!

The climbable bee-combs pile up to an hight of 16m (52feet).

Because of its structure the climbing sculpture offers many possibilities for exciting climbing routes!

Thanks to the cantilevering roof climbing even at moist conditions is possible.

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Architect DI Philipp Stromer

State-authorized and certified civil engineer


+43 (0)650 / 635 38 84



Schönbrunner Straße 31/11

A-1050 Vienna